Many people enjoy playing poker for fun, usually on the weekend with a group of friends. However, if you are savvy and transfer this hobby to an online venue, you may very well find yourself raking in a little bit of extra money as well. Here are three tips to improving your game that could well see you on your way to some cash. First, it is important to find an appropriate casino or poker room to play at. Players should check out the reviews from other players, where the casino is licensed and what payment providers they offer, as all of these factors will give an overview as to how secure and trustworthy the site will be. In conjunction with this, it can be a great idea to look at the bonus on offer and by reading more about this online, players can learn to find a bonus that can kick-start their poker career with little to no money of their own being used. Once an online site has been chosen, it is then important to choose the right game. This can be simply a determination of which of the poker types is best suited to the player, but will also extend to which level is the right one to play at. Playing against those who are seasoned players will only result in early losses. Finally, players need to learn how to concentrate and remain focused on the game. It is important to always start a poker game fresh, without any distractions. Choose a good environment in which to play and remove distracting items such as mobile phones, pets or other people from one’s view. Becoming a good player is based on how much practice goes into learning a new skill, so it is important to note that improvement won’t occur overnight.