Life can be tough. We all know that. It is important therefore, for people to be able to enjoy some escapism in their life. That’s where hobbies come into the equation! There are of course many hobbies to enjoy, and what hobbies you will enjoy will really depend on what type of person you are.Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, and can be tiring, so it’s also undoubtedly important to have hobbies to escape from the stresses of modern life. People may play sports, have a flutter at the casino, go swimming or do yoga to de-stress themselves.Some people are more introverted than others and may enjoy partaking in activities on their own. Some popular activities to do on your own include knitting, writing and reading. Whilst many people are happy being introverted, for some it can be a problem. Hobbies can therefore be a great way of building up self-esteem and meeting new people. In many towns and cities, there are clubs dedicated to activities which many people like to do as a hobby – such as running or hiking. Although it may be difficult to pick up the courage to join one of these clubs, the rewards can be numerous – for your physical and mental health, and your social life.Some people are naturally extroverts, and their hobbies often reflect that. Music is loved by millions the world over, and many people like to get into bands and play music. This is something that is generally done by extroverts, as it takes a lot of confidence to get on stage and play music to crowds of people. Another hobby which people enjoy but may be more suited to extroverted people is stand-up comedy. It can take a lot of resilience to be able to respond to those hecklers!