Poker Is the Ultimate Hobby

There are hobbies, and then there are ultimate hobbies. The difference being that the former may not provide an alternative to a mundane routine, while the latter can not only enrich and invigorate, it could also provide you with some cool cash. Take poker, for instance. Worth Your Time and Continue Reading

Why We Have Hobbies

Life can be tough. We all know that. It is important therefore, for people to be able to enjoy some escapism in their life. That’s where hobbies come into the equation! There are of course many hobbies to enjoy, and what hobbies you will enjoy will really depend on what Continue Reading

How Crochet Is Good For Your Health

Passionate about crocheting but worried that it’s wasting your time? Don’t worry, crocheting brings with it a wide range of benefits for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Beyond this, crocheting is a creative, artistic hobby, and the opportunity for self-expression which it provides should be celebrated and harnessed to Continue Reading

The History of Crochet

You might have been crocheting all your life and never asked: ‘When did crocheting begin?’ However, crocheting has a rich history, one that’s well worth the time getting to know. Our favourite activity emerged in the early 1800s, where it was referred to by the name ‘shepherd’s knitting’. The craft Continue Reading