Whilst there are a large number of players out there who wish to play poker to get rich quick, there are, similarly, a large number who simply enjoy playing the game for fun. Win or lose, it’s the thrill of the game that keeps players coming back for more; though, of course, a win will always be appreciated. For most hobby poker-players, this simply entails a couple of games a week with friends. Maybe this happens over a few beers and a barbecue, with a small pot and buy-in catering to everyone’s budgets. For some, though, the hobby will extend a little further and into the online world where you can meet a wide range of other players, all from varying backgrounds and complete with different skill sets. Playing online for fun can offer a wide range of different opportunities, not least in the game options. Playing online allows you to get access to a number of different poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em and Three Card poker. In addition, players can pit their skills against an almost unlimited number of opponents, helping them to improve. Of course, there is also the allure of the free bonus when it comes to online play, and you can read even more about that here. The bones of it are, however, that players, by signing up to a casino, can get free credit with which to play. This means that those who play for fun can potentially make some extra money whilst never having put any of their own money in. However players like to play, though, poker is an intensely fun game which, if not played under serious conditions, can bring people together in a mutual love of the game.