Despite being a beautiful art form like any other, crocheting is not often painted as the most glamorous of hobbies. However, some of the most fabulous celebrities out there share a passion for crocheting. We all know that crocheting can be an incredible relaxation tool, keeping your hands busy and your mind off your troubles, which is probably why it’s so appealing to busy starlets who find it hard to switch off in their day-to-day lives.Can you guess which celebrities have a secret passion for crocheting? Check out our list below to discover more…

  1. Eva Longoria: The Desperate Housewives actress has topped various polls for being the most beautiful woman alive and has attracted as much media attention for her love life as for her acting choices, having been connected with various A-list male celebrities. She is reported to spend her time crocheting on set in between takes.
  2. Madonna: A musical icon that needs no introduction, Madonna’s career has spanned decades of award-winning musical material. Her provocative fashion choices make her a trend-setter whose looks have been copied endlessly by devoted fans. Given her reputation for being a thoroughly self-possessed and dynamic individual, we’re sure that her crochet habit is one of her methods for keeping focused.
  3. Alyssa Milano: Best known for playing Phoebe in the supernatural drama Charmed, actress Alyssa Milano has admitted on Twitter, and in her 2009 biography, to enjoying crocheting.
  4. Bette Midler: The legendary American singer is famous for songs such as ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ and has told the press that she started crocheting after the birth of her daughter.
  5. Katy Perry: The American singer who is known for her outlandish wardrobe, goofball humour and hits like ‘Firework’, admitted on a UK chat show that she loves nothing more than a bit of crocheting to help her unwind. Who knew!
  6. Julia Roberts: Famous for nineties romantic comedies like Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia Roberts admitted in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph that knitting is her favourite hobby.